Temple Dice

A Push Your Luck Dice Stacking Game

Temple Dice is a push your luck, dice stacking game where you must use all of your wits as an explorer & discover the most gems.

But beware… The temple is crawling with snakes & deadly traps! Temple Dice includes: – 7 Custom Dice – 1 Dice Bag – 60 Dice Stickers – 10 Gems – 1 Rule Sheet

Overview: Temple Dice is a quick dice game that was designed to be easily playable no matter where you are. In fact, all of the components fit comfortably inside the included dice bag for maximum accessibility.

The purpose of the game is to earn points by stacking the Water, Temple, and Sun Stones (dice). Each symbol has a point value and must be stacked in order.

– Water Stone: Value = 1 Point and must be stacked on the bottom.
– Temple Stone: Value = 2 Points and must be stacked on top of a Water Stone.
– Sun Stone: Value = 3 Points and must be stacked on top of a Temple Stone.

A stack must always begin with a Water Stone. You may stack as many identical stone types on top of each other as you’d like. Once you begin stacking stones you may not remove any from the stack. In addition to the three stone symbols you have a Snake, Machete, and a Temple God.

– Snake: Freezes Dice from future rolls. (You may not roll this dice again unless you have a machete.)
– Machete: Eliminates one snake and allows you to use dice again.
– Temple God: Freezes dice until end of your turn. At the end of your turn, you will re-roll any Temple God Dice you rolled during your turn. For each Temple God symbol you re-roll during this second phase, you must remove one stone from the top of your stack as a penalty.

The winner of the round is the player who has the most points. The player with the most points wins a gemstone. Continue play until all the gemstones are removed from the temple. The player with the most gemstones wins the game.


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