Seppuku Ultimate Edition

Includes the Seppuku Base Game, All 3 Expansions, Limited Edition Kappa Control Card & More!

Seppuku is a form of Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment (“cutting the belly”). This practice was a key part of the Bushido, the code of the samurai warriors, and was used to avoid falling into enemy hands, and to attenuate shame. One might say that death is the very center of the Bushido, as the overall purpose- to die well and with one’s honor intact.

You are a Daimyo, a powerful feudal ruler in ancient Japan. You must hire samurai to protect your land, and win battles courageously. The first Daimyo whose clan obtains the “Seven Virtues” of the Bushido will be announced as the winner.

Whats Included in the Ultimate Edition?
– 70 Seppuku Cards
– 28 Bushido Cards
– 8 Dice
– 60 Dice Stickers
– 45 Koku Chits
– Collection of Desires Expansion
– Mirror of Famous Generals Expansion
– Ghosts of Iga Expansion
– Brown Dice Bag
– Rulebook
– Limited Edition Kappa Control Card (Only found in the Ultimate Edition Set)

What’s new in the 2nd Edition? The major revision is the replacement of koku (rice) cards with koku chits. Koku can be added to your inventory each turn which dramatically speeds up game play, allows for quicker seeding of samurai and creates bigger, more exciting battles. Additionally Seppuku takes advantage of The Game Crafter’s custom dice and packaging giving the game a much more professional look. Enjoy!


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