Mirror of Famous Generals

A twenty-card expansion for Seppuku introducing Generals, towers, and alliances.

Mirror of Famous Generals is a twenty-card expansion pack to be played along with the card game ‘Seppuku’. ***Sold separately***

This set introduces military themes including Towers, Generals, Alliances, and a variety of new Armaments.

The expansion pack consists of (20) cards. There are (6) Alliances, (4) Towers, (4) Generals, and (6) Actions & Armaments.

Alliances (6)
Alliances allow samurai of different color sets to be combined on the battlefield. There are six combinations of colors to allow each clan to be allied with another.

Towers (4)
Towers offer a safe house for weak, wounded and newly seeded samurai. Although the artwork is different, each Tower is identical in cost and defense. As indicated on the front of the Tower card, (3) koku of space must be
cleared. This means that (3) koku must be discarded to build a Tower card.

How Towers Work: A tower is a safe house for samurai. You may selectively place samurai under your Tower card, which provides them protection against your opponent’s attack. Towers may be attacked only if no samurai are
on the battlefield. If a tower is under attack, a successful strike deals one point of damage by rotating the card 90 degrees. Upon receiving the second point of damage, your Tower has been destroyed, and any samurai seeded under, must now return to the battlefield.

Moving Samurai Into and Out of a Tower:
Before the Combat Phase of your turn begins, you have the additional option to move a samurai into, or out of a Tower. Additionally, you may seed a samurai directly into a Tower during Phase 2 to protect them from damage.
Samurai cannot attack or be attacked when placed in a tower.

Generals (4)
There are (3) Generals, and (1) Emperor in Mirror of Famous Generals. Generals allow two samurai to combine their attack on the battlefield against an opponent’s samurai. Samurai roll their dice, and the total attack is added. The total amount of strikes must be
defended to avoid damage. An Emperor allows up to three samurai to combine their attack on the battlefield. A General or Emperor in play cannot attack or be attacked but may commit Seppuku.

Actions & Armaments (6)
There are a variety of new Actions & Armaments to be used during combat.

All artwork featured in Seppuku was produced by the great Japanese masters of 19th century woodblock printing. The vast majority of art used was created by the prolific and innovative Yoshitoshi, who is now recognized by most, as the greatest Japanese artist of his era.

Seppuku and Mirror of Famous Generals was designed and created by Michael Grant. Seppuku ©2017 Epic Atom GameLabs. Mirror of Famous Generals ©2017 Epic Atom Game Labs.



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  • Admin

    Okay. So if you have an early version of MOFG, ‘Teppo Training’ is way over powered. As of July 10th 2017, the new lore reads:
    “Play rifle on samurai. If you land a strike,
    instantly kills your opponent’s samurai.
    Rifle has 2 bullets. Turn card 90 degrees after
    first attack. Discard after second attack.
    Samurai may not defend attacks
    or collect Bushido cards while in play.”

    If you have an earlier version I suggest playing with this updated lore.