Ghosts of Iga

A twenty-card expansion for Seppuku introducing shinobi and their tactics.

Ghosts of Iga is a twenty-card expansion pack to be played along with the card game ‘Seppuku’. ***Sold separately***

This set introduces Shinobi (ninja) and their tactics. Iga was a province in feudal Japan and is considered the birthplace of the ninja.

The expansion pack consists of (20) cards. There are (4) Shinobi, (10) Tactics (3) Armaments, and (3) Action Cards.

Shinobi (4)
Once you hire a Shinobi, you are then permitted to play several tactics and armament cards. To hire a Shinobi, you must have 3 koku available. Shinobi cannot attack or be attacked by Samurai.

Tactics (10)
The Shinobi was a covert agent with specialized skills for performing stealth operations. These tactics are played similar to dishonorable actions, you may not earn a Bushido card when playing a tactic, however, unlike a dishonorable action, your turn does not end, and may continue into the combat phase.

Armament Cards (3)
There are 3 new armaments that must be used by a Shinobi in play. These armaments must be discarded after use.

Action Cards (3)
There are 3 honorable actions that negatively impact Shinobi, including Countermeasures and Accusation.

All artwork featured in Seppuku was produced by the great Japanese masters of 19th century woodblock printing. The vast majority of art used was created by the prolific and innovative Yoshitoshi, who is now recognized by most, as the greatest Japanese artist of his era.

Seppuku and Ghosts of Iga was created and designed by Michael Grant. Seppuku ©2017 Epic Atom Game Labs.
Ghosts of Iga ©2017 Epic Atom Game Labs.



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