Collection of Desires

A twenty-card expansion for Seppuku introducing the women and art of the samurai.

Collection of Desires is a twenty-card expansion pack to be played along with the card game ‘Seppuku’. ***Sold separately***

This set introduces two very significant themes in everyday samurai lives, women and art.

The expansion pack consists of (20) cards. There are (7) Geisha, (9) Haiku Cards, and (4) Action Cards.

Geisha (7)
There are 7 Geisha companions, which are seeded on top of a samurai that is already in play. Geisha add a virtue to your Bushido for as long as the samurai remains in play.

Haiku Cards (9)
The most rounded and respected samurai were trained in both the sword and the arts. Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry, traditionally consisting of 17 sound units, known as on. If you can form a Haiku poem, by seeding 3 Haiku cards, you earn a Bushido card.

Action Cards (4)
There are 4 different action cards in ‘Collection of Desires’, all of which involve the women of the samurai.
– Honorable Actions (2) May be played without negative consequences.
– Dishonorable Actions (2) When playing a dishonorable action, you may not earn a Bushidocard, and your turn is over.

All artwork featured in Seppuku was produced by the great Japanese masters of 19th century woodblock printing. The vast majority of art used was created by the prolific and innovative Yoshitoshi, who is now recognized by most, as the greatest Japanese artist of his era.

Seppuku and Collection of Desires was created and designed by Michael Grant. Seppuku ©2017 Epic Atom Game Labs. Collection of Desires ©2017 Epic Atom Game Labs.



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